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Helping Students and Young Professionals Make Mental Health a Priority

Welcome! I’m Greg Vogt, public speaker and author of, “The Battle Against Yourself.” My mission is to help students and young professionals make mental health a priority. From struggling with mental health challenges to being admitted to several treatment facilities as a teenager, I now equip people with strategies, education, resources, and language to position them to more effectively talk about mental health and address its challenges, in what has become a growing issue nationwide.


I wrote this book during my tenure as a student at the University of Arizona. This is the story depicting my mental health journey; from depression, suicide attempts, and an 11 1/2 month stay at a treatment center. The book was written with the focus to provide hope to those who feel stuck and helpless. Following the publishing of the book, I’ve joined the nation’s premier nonprofit mental health organization, Active Minds, as a Professional Mental Health Speaker. I also speak in partnership with Greek University, and am a Board Member for the Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance- CA. I reside in Sacramento, California and speak at universities, high schools, companies, and non-profit organizations. I’d love to connect with you and support your organization in making mental health a priority!

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