Insights- What To Expect

As more content comes to fruition, I want you to understand what to expect moving forward. I take what I know, or at least what I think I know, and share it with you all. Keeping it to myself would be counterproductive. No progress would be made if we never shared our thoughts.


You will experience a diverse range of sources, platforms, best practices and insights. Journeying through this site will take you into the depths of my first book, “The Battle Against Yourself,” which essentially is the story of my life. You will learn many lessons from my experiences, such as learning to recognize when you are being yourown worst enemy.


This book is real, authentic and can be learned from. However, my site does not revolve solely around this book. I have added a variety of resources in addition to the book. You can follow my Instagram page, @thebattleagainstyourself to encounter personal stories from other people. In fact, you can share your own storyat any time. That is what this website is for. It is for you to engage, share, learn, and grow.


You will also get access to frequent YouTube videos of me discussing important topics. My channel is called “5 Minutes or Less with Greg Vogt.” I will cover relevant points and topics to our lives in under five minutes. I know you all are busy, and life can get hectic, so I thought it’d be beneficial to receive important information quickly!


To go in parallel with the YouTube channel is where you are right now, my blog. The YouTube videos and blogs will coincide with each other and will share similar discussions. I understand that some people are better learners by watching something engaging, (a video), while others prefer to read and use their mind to capture information and generate imagination.


I am offering you multiple sources to learn from. You can take and run with what you prefer. But I think it is important to align the sources with a commonality. That commonality between the two sources is going to be a topic, or what I like to call an “Insight.” Insights are described as gaining an accurate and intuitive understanding of a topic.


You can see my page is designed to offer various avenues to gain knowledge. Most are stemmed from personal experiences. Insights can come from experiences, observations, readings and more. That is why I am creating a space in my blog to discuss important insights. The blog will be the written piece, and the YouTube video will be the verbalized and visualized version of the “Insight.”


There are some things you can expect ahead of time from the “Insights” section of the blog. There are other things that you will not necessarily be able to expect ahead of time.


What you can expect from the “Insights” is an articulate breakdown of what meaning that topic can bring to your life and how you can use it to better your situation. I can tell you right now that I will not be discussing anything that I feel is irrelevant or unmoving to one’s development. So, if you would like to read about what coffee is the best, which movie will break the box office, or which dog is the cutest, this may not be the place for you.


Each insight will be relevant, deep, challenging and applicable to the development of one’s thoughts, feelings and actions in life. Insights will be tough to wrestle with at times, and the topics will make you ponder and dive internally to analyze your personal situation. They will be challenging with the intention of helping each one of us grow. Some discussions you may disagree with, while many you will surely agree with. But if you aren’t wrestling with something, how can you be growing?


It is important to get out of our comfort zones and feed ourselves with information that is stimulating. Anything easy correlates to being on cruise control. But since these discussions will be challenging and authentic, they are sure to be an asset for you.


You can expect “Insights” to include things like mental health, depression, suicide, emotional stability, bullying, goals, handling judgment from others, faith in God, writing and speaking, tips to handle tough situations, and even book reviews, among countless more. This is just a general gage for you. There will be hundreds of different insights that are depicted. Some insights will be on the broader side, while others are incredibly specific. What is special is that you will receive each insight in the form of a blog post and a YouTube video. I am giving you the option to choose how you would like to receive and learn from the information.


I must say that on every insight post that I publish, I either have first-hand experience with that topic, or I have personally observed it through other people, situations, books, etc. I will hold myself accountable to not discuss things that I have a lesser understanding about, such as politics, outer space, or how to perform open heart surgery…you get the point. It would be a disservice to share something I know nothing about.


The “Insights” section is meant for you to have a place in the back of your mind that you know you can always turn to for advice and good direction. It is a place for you to learn, grow and even interact with me, and other listeners or readers. I want to help you, and be as accessible as I can. Feel free to send me any questionsvia the submission sectionand I will get back to you within 24-48 hours.


These insights are designed to help you learn and become more honest with yourself. If you need clarity or direction on how to handle the stressors in your life, the “Insights” section is a place where you can benefit.


My hope is that you consider the published “Insights” a place you can turn to for help, guidance and knowledge. I want you to understand the meaning these insights have and how they can help you. This is not a place to bombard you with general information or useless opinions. This is a place to be real with yourself, by gaining important insights on a consistent basis.