Ready Vs. Willing

When I entered college as a freshman, I was just nine months removed from being at a lock-down treatment facility.

When I joined a fraternity, I wasn’t the most sociable or the coolest kid on the block.

When I applied to my university’s business school, I didn’t have the best grades or a laser-focused path on what I wanted to do later on.

When I decided to take two and a half years to write and publish a book, I had no knowledge or past experience on how to do so.

When I met a girl who was more mature, wise, and confident than I was, I had doubts if I could hold my own in our relationship.

When God unexpectedly spoke into my life and sent me opportunities to pursue a relationship with Him, I was overwhelmed and didn’t feel prepared for the glory that was ahead.

When I chose to marry that girl at the young age of 24, I knew I needed to be much more mature and ready. I knew I had things to work on and that many challenges laid ahead. I knew that my many faults could be a hindrance in our marriage.


Hundreds of times have I experienced a scary situation that I could have said “No” to.


But one thing I understood, in each of these circumstances, is that it’s not about being ready.


It’s about being willing.


Throughout my life, I have had countless opportunities to make a leap, try something new, and commit to a big decision. Many held serious implications, good or bad. During each decision, the way I was able to eliminate thoughts like, “I can’t do this,” or “Now is not the time,” or “The fear of the unknown is too much to bear,” isn’t because of the preparation I put in to be ready.


It’s just because I was willing.


What was I willing to do though?


I was willing to sacrifice the comfortable present for the unknown future. I was willing to try something new. I was willing to take a risk, with the understanding that I may end up on the wrong side of things. I was willing to put down my stubbornness and understand the possibility of glory and satisfaction in the decision that laid ahead. I was willing to learn the pros and cons to make a wiser choice. I was willing to listen to people other than myself. I was willing to admit my imperfections. I was not always ready, but I was willing.


None of this makes me special. Everyone can do these things.


But the question is will you be willing?

Wherever you find yourself right now, no matter how big or small, there is likely some sort of decision on the horizon that you may need to make.


It could be related to a promotion, relationship, geographic change, health concern, vacation, habit change, lifestyle alteration, or something else.


But let me suggest that we will have a much more difficult time progressing if we just focus on being ready. We’ll never be ready. Well, at least not fully ready.


So in addition to preparing for readiness, let’s really focus on being willing, and understanding the full situation at hand. If we truly want to move forward on a choice, we must be willing to do what it takes no matter the struggle.


Since being ready is not going to be enough, our willingness must be our focus.


What is one way you are going to execute willingness opposed to readiness this week?

Shoot me a DM with an example!