My Speaking Events

Helping Young Adults Overcome Adversity by Managing Mental Health

Everyone has different methods for how they accomplish things. One of my focuses is helping people, and my method for doing that comes from speaking. When I speak, my goal isn’t just to inspire, but to inspire people based on truth. My mission is to help people overcome adversity by identifying and managing mental health challenges.
Though I speak to audiences of all sizes, ages, demographics and backgrounds, my focus stays towards young adults. I have a passion for helping college and high school students, so I tend to spend the most time there. My smallest talk was 8 people, while my largest so far had over 300 in attendance. Audiences find my seminars to be engaging, as I involve various elements including: sharing my captivating story, providing actionable tactics and lessons to overcome challenges, and a Q & A that is raw and real with the audience. My goal is to be vulnerable with the audience so they learn to be vulnerable in their day to day life. My events focus on mental health and overcoming adversity. Other common topics that I have spoken on include: depression, suicide, coping with self doubt, self development, positive thinking, writing, action planning, and faith.

Recent Events

  • Tucson Festival of Books: 2017 & 2018
  • Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance
  • Writing Skills Improvement Program at The University of Arizona
  • Counseling and Psychological Services at The University of Arizona
  • Knox Presbyterian Church Los Angeles
  • People First Self Advocates of the South Bay
  • University of Arizona Eller College of Management
  • Wheatmark Publishing
  • Alpha Chi Omega at The University of Arizona
  • Kappa Alpha Order at The University of Arizona
  • Chi Omega at The University of Arizona
  • Alpha Epsilon Phi at The University of Arizona
  • Writing Skills High School Summer Camp
  • Writing Skills Improvement Program- “Memoir Writing”
  • John W. North High School

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As a recognized speaker on mental health, depression, suicide, faith, self development, and overcoming adversity, I am committed to helping individuals, and organizations of any size.